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Service Pricing 

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This is our Pricing Page for all services we offer. We are very open and transparent with our pricing, and we hope this answers all your questions. We offer packages and family membership plans as a way to offer discounts and allow the entire family to have chiropractic care. 

What We

  • Adult initial visit: $100

  • Baby/Child (under 12) initial visit: $85

  • Adult adjustment: $55

  • Baby/Child (under 12) Adjustment: $45

  • Mommy & Baby/Child Combo (under 12) Adjustment: $90 (SAVE $10)

  • Adjustment + Muscle Work (30 min. session): $150

*Cupping, scraping, myofascial release, stretching. This treatment is great for chronic problems and acute injuries. 

  • Dry Needling + Adjustment: $100  (Dry needling is good for chronic and acute injuries to break up tight muscles and decrease muscle tension pain. 


We offer Packages per person. The packages are intended to keep you consistent with your chiropractic care and make it more affordable. 

  • Adult 6 Adjustment package: $300

  • Pediatric (under 12 yrs. of age) 6 Adjustment package: $240

Family Memberships: Includes 1 Adjustment per month

  • Family of 3: $130/month (~$15 savings)

  • Family of 4: $170/month (~$25 savings)

  • Family of 5: $200/month (~$45 savings)

  • Family of 6+: $220/month (~$70 savings)

* + $35 (kid or adult) for an extra adjustment needed in that month. 

* The billing date starts the day you sign up on a membership. It is your responsibility to make sure you come for an adjustment within that month period. 

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