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Your Feedback Counts. Our goal is to serve as many families as possible through chiropractic care. A well adjusted family, is a well connected family.

Redeemed Chiropractic is exceptional in every way. Chris and Rachel have a care and attention to detail that is unrivaled and makes you feel right at home. Could not recommend their services more!!

Trey C.

My son has been seeing Dr. Rachel for almost a year now. She was the first Chiropractor he saw after bringing him home from the NICU weighing only     4 lbs, I only trusted the best with my little guy. Thank you for taking such good care of my little boy!!!

Nicole W.

Dr. Taylor saved my life! I was unable to do ANYTHING because of neck, shoulder, and back pain. I was taking the maximum ibuprofen, Tylenol, CBD, hold/cold compresses— and I was a disaster until Dr. Taylor’s treatments had me back to work. Quickly too I must add! Now I don’t take any pain medications and enjoy my work, play, and rest cycles without worry because I know the “Magic Man,” Dr. Taylor has my back… no pun intended.

I’d recommend Redeemed Chiropractic LLC to anyone who needs immediate relief or regular treatment like I do. I go once a month now and pay only $50 to have complete liberation from those ailments. Honestly I’d pay 5x that much to continue to have the freedom of movement and confidence I enjoy now as a consequence of his treatment. I literally have my life back because of Dr. Taylor.

Six Stars all day!

Sammy D.

I’m so thankful I found Rachel! I had been struggling with postpartum tailbone and spine pain, and posture issues. After seeing her several times the pain was significantly reduced and I barely think about it now. Looking forward to more progress over time. She’s also very kind and understanding, and provides helpful information about health topics as well. Can’t recommend her enough!

Amy B.

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