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Feel free to message or call any other questions you may have. 

What are the prices for your services?

Adult initial visit: $100

Baby/Child (under 12) initial visit: $85

Adult adjustment: $55

Baby/Child (under 12) Adjustment: $45

Mommy & Baby/Child Combo (under 12) Adjustment: $90 (SAVE $10)

Adjustment + Muscle Work (30 min. session): $150

Dry Needling + Adjustment: $100

 *Cupping, scraping, myofascial release, stretching, dry needling. This treatment is great for chronic problems and acute injuries.     


We also offer Packages per person. The packages are intended to keep you consistent with your chiropractic care and make it more affordable. 

Adult 6 Adjustment package: $300

Pediatric (under 12 yrs. of age) 6 Adjustment package: $240

Family Memberships: Check out our Pricing Page. 

We do have a "NO SHOW" fee. We require a call/text before your appointment time to avoid this fee. You will be charged for the full amount of the appointment as this takes a spot away from someone else. You will be required to keep a card on file. 

Through the online booking system, you have full access to change or reschedule appointments if needed. We understand life happens. 

* Dr. Taylor & Dr. Spicer are currently in a non-compete agreement. If you have ever seen either one of them at Anthony Medical and Chiropractic, they cannot see you until 2024.

Why do you not accept insurance? 

Redeemed Chiropractic gives individualized treatment recommendations and does not want insurance companies dictating care. We keep our prices reasonable for families to enjoy consistent care. 

Why should my baby or child see a chiropractor? 

Chiropractic care in babies or children is very important as this is the time when your nervous system is most rapidly developing and making long term progressions. By addressing proper spinal alignment through chiropractic care this can help with: 

1. increase IMMUNE function/decrease sickness, decrease ear infections and antibiotic use

2. help with ADD symptoms

3. decrease growing pains

4. decrease jaw tension for a better latch when breastfeeding

5. constipation/digestion issues

6. reflux symptoms

7. sleep problems

8. torticollis (baby favors one side when turning the head)

9. Asthma/breathing troubles

10. Allergies 

Why is chiropractic care important during pregnancy?
Dr. Taylor and Dr. Spicer specialize in holistic prenatal care and is Webster certified in pregnancy protocols. 
  1. Decreases Discomfort

  2. May improve labor times

  3. Helps improve fetal position - focusing on the pelvic alignment increases the chances for proper birthing position

  4. Improved sleep

  5. Increased mood/energy

  6. Empowering women through education, love and support before and after delivery

  7. Restores normal functions postpartum as birth can be very traumatic and difficult for mom and baby

Why do I need to see a chiropractor if I am not in pain?

The best time to visit a chiropractor is before pain arises. Pain is the last symptom to come and the first symptom to go away. Through proper spinal alignment we can help prevent those occasionally flare ups. Similar phenomenon, you brush your teeth every day to prevent cavities, rather than waiting for the cavity too arise and have to "fix" the problem. Establishing chiropractic care before problems come will enhance your quality of life and lead to less days of living in discomfort. 

Why do I need chiropractic care during the postpartum period? 

The postpartum period of life after baby comes with a lot of change. The healing and recovery process takes time, and we are here to help empower you through the transition into motherhood. Chiropractic care helps restore your body into balance after carrying a baby for 9 months, giving birth to a baby, and now holding a baby 24/7. You took care of your body for the entire pregnancy, and it is just as important in the postpartum period to help restore your spinal alignment and strengthen muscles/ligaments since birth. Throughout postpartum care we will focus on poor posture that comes with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, holding baby, emotional rollercoasters, and building a support community. 

How can Chiropractic care help Athletic Performance? 

Athletic performance puts many stressors on the spine and extremity joints. Incorporating chiropractic care will help recovery time, prevent injuries, and decrease the overall aches and pains that come with sports. When the body is in proper alignment the body can adapt to stressors without pain. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Spicer both have extensive sports resumes. Dr. Taylor Is dry needling certified and combines this treatment with an adjustment for optimal healing results. Dry needling is good for chronic and acute injuries to break up tight muscles and decrease muscle tension pain. 

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