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What to expect on first and future visits?

Redeemed Chiropractic, founded by a husband-and-wife duo, utilizes a unique chiropractic treatment approach developed specific to the patient’s needs. Our goal at Redeemed Chiropractic is to facilitate healing and restore proper spinal alignment and comfort as quickly as possible. We achieve this through chiropractic care administered in accordance with an individualized treatment plan. You can expect for your first visit to fill out new patient paperwork in advance of the appointment online which will seek to identify any areas of concern, develop your health history, and educate you about the importance of chiropractic care.

At the first visit, pregnant moms, will receive a full spinal analysis checking for spinal misalignments, round ligament pain, hip flexor tightness, and any intrauterine constraints that may come with pregnancy followed by chiropractic adjustment; babies  will receive a craniosacral analysis, a reflexes check, and a check for spinal misalignments followed by chiropractic adjustment and adults and children will have their nervous system assessed with a focus on areas of tension in the spinal column to reduce any pressure on the nerves and decrease overall discomforts followed by a chiropractic adjustment. At the conclusion of the first visit, we will go over with the patient all the findings and then create an individualized treatment plan including the specific frequency of care to help reach your health goals.




For future visits, you will have full access to schedule appointments online. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Spicer are passionate about empowering and educating their patients concerning the body’s innate ability to heal from the inside out upon restoring spinal alignment and joint function. We are excited to connect with you! 

Redeemed Chiropractic strives to create a family friendly environment through a unique personal approach. Our goal for parents is that they feel comfortable bringing babies/children to appointments and in order that they may be fully authentic. You will have the luxury of one-on-one care in a relaxed space with easy access to many baby toys and books. We welcome you to be truly yourself!


Redeemed Chiropractic is a cash-only practice.  All payments will be taken through our online booking system at time of service.  We do not believe in allowing insurance companies to govern the care you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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