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Dr. Christopher Taylor D.C. & Dr. Rachel Spicer D.C. 

Our purpose at Redeemed Chiropractic is to restore proper spinal alignment through the chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment is a gentle and specific force being applied to the spine at the exact vertebral level that is showing dysfunction. This dysfunction can present itself in many ways and is not limited to just pain or discomfort. Dysfunction in the spine can negatively influence your overall health and wellness by placing stressors on your central nervous system. The central nervous system controls all cell and tissue function within your body. Therefore, having proper spinal alignment and joint motion directly enhances not only your spinal health, but positively affects your whole body. The chiropractic adjustment looks different for everyone because every person has a spine and lifestyle that is unique to them. This makes each visit and adjustment specific to you, your needs, your desires, and gives you the greatest opportunity to thrive in your health and physical function. Our goal at Redeemed Chiropractic is to create balance in your spine and empower you to function at your optimal capacity and health.

Our Services


We Love serving the entire Family!



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:

8:30AM - 6:00PM

Thursday: 7AM - 12:30PM

*Feel free to call outside of office hours, and we will best assist you*



Located inside Halo Athletic: 

5725 Bagby Avenue

Waco, TX 76712

Call or text: 254-269-4843

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